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  1. Ruth E Ledwell

    We are new to camping and would like to inquire about seasonal rates at your campsite. We just purchased a 25 foot Premier Ultra Lite.
    Could you send us information about pricing and availability for 2017 summer season
    Thank you,
    Ruth & Paul Ledwell
    North Kingstown

  2. admin Post author

    Hi Ruth, our seasonal sites are priced according to size and location and utilities. Most of them are in the $1800 to $2400 for the base fee for the season. Electricity is charged at a flat rate according to amps. For instance, 30 amp service is $275 for your electricity for the entire season. We recommend you stop by the campground and look around, pick out some sites you are interested in and we can tell you exactly what that site will cost for the season. Thanks!

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